Termites or White Ant

Termites or White Ant

Termites are insects that live in societies, sometimes relatively simple and consisting of a small number of individuals (Calotermes and Cryptotermes sp.), But at other times complex and counting millions of individuals.

his type of infestation is of extraordinary importance in warm and temperate regions. Termites feed on plant material, the most important being cellulose – one of the main constituents of wood; yet other building materials can be damaged by termites in their effort to find cellulose. There are more than 1800 species of termites, their identification is an arduous task, but in practice their classification is divided into 2 major groups:

  • Underground termites: which remain in connection with the terrain and usually require a high degree of humanity.
  • Termites of dry wood: Which do not require connection with the land and live only on dry wood; they are mainly found in maritime and low altitude areas.

The most frequent termites among us are: Reticulitermes lucifugus (rossi) – underground termite and Cryptotermes brevis – termite of dry woods.

How to fight it

If you have termites on your property, all of our considerations about the destruction they cause are unnecessary. Cement, metal or glass structures in a building are not exactly termite proof, as they can damage them in their access to material in the construction of a building, therefore, in the most advanced countries, anti-termitic treatment of the land is carried out as a preconstruction measure against termites. And for termites in furniture and other materials, strong treatment is needed to eliminate the pest.