Fleas are external parasites that feed on the blood of mammals and birds. These animals can transmit serious diseases like typhus and bubonic plague.
They usually affect pets, such as the cat, the dog, among others. They depend on the host to feed and protect themselves, staying all their lives in these and other contact animals. In addition to causing discomfort due to the bites, they transmit worms, blood parasites and can induce allergic processes, decreasing the animals’ quality of life.
A flea is capable of jumping a meter away, the equivalent, in proportion to size, of a human being jumping the length of a football field.


  • Suction chipper mouthpiece
  • Saltatory feet
  • Aptero
  • Body flattened laterally
They are blood-sucking insects of birds and mammals. The larvae feed on debris. They do not have wings and have a flattened body, as well as feet adapted for jumping. The mouthpieces are chopping, causing great discomfort to their guests, which can be both man and animals. They are insects that, through their bite, feed on the blood of mammals and birds.