Pine Tree Catterpillar
                     Peixinho Prata
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           Armadinhas para insectos

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      Palm Weevil 


About us ...

Since 1980 Peste Control® do Algarve has been exterminating cockroaches, rats, ants, flees, woodworn, ets. all plagues which, sadly from time to time, we may all encounter.
Peste Control® do Algarve is anxious to inform the general public of the dangers of these creatures which can infest our homes, restaurants and other places to the risk to our health.
We are a dynamic company  workig with a professional team of specialists in the field of disinfection, controllig plagues according to the recommendations and normal standards laid down by the OMS - the world-wide Health Organisation and Health Ministry, in order to provide the highest hygienic and sanitary levels.
we are at your disposal to give you free quotations for disinfecting areas where you have unwanted guests.
Contact us and get rid of the unwanted plagues now.

Peste Control do Algarve, Lda.   (+351) 289 395 785